Sustainable Mobility

Sustainable mobility

Sustainable and active mobility, free public transportation on its territory, easy entrances and exits on highways during new construction, proximity to Montreal.

Candiac has already began planning for tomorrow and you will benefit from it.

25 Minutes to Get to Montreal by Bus

25 minutes is the time it will take you to get from the Candiac park-and-ride lot to Montreal. No need to take your car and deal with traffic, just relax in a comfortable bus, enjoy the WiFi and be transported to your destination, stress free!

Discover the Candiac to Montreal Route

Discover the exo4 Candiac train line

15 Minutes from Montreal at the Intersection of Autoroutes 15 and 30

In addition to easy entrances and exits to highways, Candiac is well situated at the crossroads of Autoroutes 15 and 30. Less than 30 minutes from the US border and 15 minutes from Montreal, its quick access will help you save time and make your life easier. Notably, the inconvenience caused by the work on the Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine tunnel.

15 Minutes from Montreal at the Intersection of Autoroutes 15 and 30

Roll, Run, Walk and Pedal

In Candiac, we promote sustainable mobility. With close to 30 kilometres of bike paths, one-third with snow removal, completely free local public transportation, a bus or a train that takes you to Montreal in 25 minutes, and even neighbourhoods with all the local services, it’s even possible to live without a vehicle.

Roll, Run, Walk and Pedal

Safe Biking Loops

Discover Candiac by bike with its 3 biking loops. Go alone, with friends, as a couple or with the entire family. The biking loops are clearly identified and marked, and vary between 5 km and 18 km. The loops offer lots of space for biking and are easily accessible for people of all ages to enjoy.

Try the two 5 km loops, the Urban Loop and the Cultural Loop, in addition to the 18 km Grand Tour loop. A great way to travel through the city that is fun and completely safe.

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