Exceptional Growth

Exceptional growth

With 5,000 new units planned in the next 10 years, an increase of 17.8% in the value of single-family properties and condominium sales that are 40.5% higher, real estate in Candiac has never been more dynamic.

Condominiums are almost $75,000 less expensive in Candiac than in Montreal, making Candiac a smart real estate investment.

Candiac Is a Smart Real Estate Investment

In the next 10 years, Candiac will have 5,000 new units, including an impressive number of condominiums and townhouses. Do you doubt the popularity of Candiac? In the last half of the year, condominium sales in the city increased by 40.5%.

Because of its vision, such as adding more than 21% more parks in the past two years, Candiac attracts new buyers who want to invest in the city. In 2020, Candiac notably experienced a healthy increase in the value of single-family properties by 17.8%, which is more than 10% compared to Montreal. In the surrounding municipalities, including the cities of Brossard, Longueuil and Saint-Lambert, the percentage of Candiac’s success is almost as high.

If you want to be sure to protect your investment, it is also good to know that Candiac is among the municipalities with one of the lowest tax rates in the surrounding cities. It is no surprise then that in a poll carried out by Leger in 2019, Candiac was among the top 3 happiest cities in Québec.

Is this what they call smart investing?

*Source: JLR, 1st half 2020

Investments of $1 Billion

With investments of more than $1 billion in real estate projects over the next 10 years, including more than 4,000 new units, the city of Candiac is the centre of residential economic development on the South Shore of Montreal.

The Demand for Condominiums Continues

In 2020, condominium sales in Candiac continued to increase by over 40% compared to the same period in 2019. At the same time, during the last half of the year condo sales in Montreal decreased by more than 10% during the same period, while those in Longueuil decreased by 5.3% and by 24.9% in Saint-Lambert.

In addition, it should be noted that this increase was added to the successes of 2019, while on the South Shore no city surpassed Candiac in terms of condominium sales. The great interest in this municipality was so high that it experienced a monthly increase of close to 142% compared to 2018.

And there is more. Did you know that the average price of a condominium in Candiac is almost $75,000 less than in Montreal? Candiac is obviously attracting a lot of new buyers.

While sales are 20 times higher than those of the Greater Montreal market, the increase of the acquisition cost of homes has remained very low at 1.3% in the last 12 months*2. This increase in the median price of its residences is one of the lowest in the area and is four times lower than that of the Greater Montreal market.

*Sources: JLR, 1st half 2020 and The Barometer (Quebec Professional Association of Real Estate Brokers), 2nd quarter 2018

One of the Lowest Tax Rates in the Surrounding Municipalities

Due to sound management of its finances, the City of Candiac has one of the lowest tax rates of comparable surrounding municipalities, which represents substantial savings for its residents.

Square Candiac Is the Second Largest Project in the Metropolitan Area

With 1,700 units, Square Candiac is a POD (Pedestrian-Oriented Development) with construction having begun in 2016. The $600 million investment makes it the second largest residential project in the metropolitan area according to the most recent assessment by the Observatoire du Grand Montréal, which is part of the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC).

The design of its public spaces meets several criteria for functionality and sustainable development, in addition to multigenerational needs.

A true living environment built on a human scale, the public spaces of Square Candiac were designed in different sections and will total an area of 22,700 m2, a central square of 10,000 m2, two pedestrian lanes, an urban water fountain, bistro tables, workstations with electrical outlets, play modules for children, and more.

The project in numbers

  • 1,780,000 ft2 site
  • 1,400 housing units
  • A retirement home with 320 units
  • 1 central square of 10,000 m²
  • 2 pedestrian lanes
  • 100% of residential parking underground

To find out more about Square Candiac: https://squarecandiac.com/en/

Square Candiac Is the Second Largest Project in the Metropolitan Area

A Future Downtown

Bordering Square Candiac is the future downtown named Montcalm, located in the centre of the southern part of the industrial park that is currently being redeveloped along Boulevard Montcalm Nord. The revitalization of industries and businesses is being planned, as well as the finalization of Square Candiac. The construction of several modern buildings adapted to the needs of Candiac residents will all be part of the future downtown of Montcalm, including a citizen’s house, a city hall, utility locals, an elementary school and an aquatic centre.

Watch our video: https://youtu.be/DnSWt7fyJ_Q (French Only)

A Future Downtown

The TOD Station, an Innovative and Eco-friendly Project Based on Sustainable Mobility

Estimated at $500 million and with construction planned for 2019, the TOD Station (Transit-Oriented Development) will consist of 2,400 residences on 113 hectares. It is one of the few innovative demonstration projects selected by the Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC) to implement the principles of sustainable development.

Some highlights:

  • The train station will be at the centre of this new urban hub, making it possible to reach downtown Montreal in about 40 minutes using a comfortable means of transportation that is unaffected by automobile traffic
  • The TOD Station will deploy networks that promote active transportation, including the development of pedestrian and cycling paths, a reduction of above ground parking areas and an improved network of public and active transportation
  • Strategically located around Candiac Station and at the intersection of Autoroutes 15, 30 and 930, the Candiac TOD project will be easily accessible by train and using the road network
  • The TOD Station will have a total area of 45 hectares. The goal of the project is a density of 90 housing units per hectare
  • This friendly, compact and coherent living environment will be comprised of:
    • A residential hub of more than 4,000 units, with townhouses of 2 to 3 floors and multi-family buildings of 4 to 8 floors
    • Several parks and green spaces:
      • A linear park of 17,400 m2
      • A central park of 10,000 m2
      • Land for a primary school of 12,000 m2
      • A central square of 2,850 m2
      • A 57,000 m2 extension of the Strasbourg nature park

Work in Progress

The first phase of development of the sector began with the construction of approximately 1,100 units divided into 2 and 3-floor townhouses and multi-family homes of 4 to 8 floors.This first phase also includes the creation of a linear park with a total area of 17,400 m2.

A TOD is a mid-to-high density real estate development structured around a high-capacity transit station, such as a train station, subway station, Light Rail Service (LRS) station or a bus terminal. Located within walking distance of a major access point of the public transportation network, the TOD is a space that combines active travel, socialization and urban design. Source: Montreal Metropolitan Community (MMC)

To find out more about the TOD Station: https://candiac.ca/fr/106/TOD_de_la_gare (French only)

To find out more about the various TOD projects, please visit the Champs d’Intervention / Aménagement section at www.cmm.qc.ca. (French only)

Rent Instead of Buying

Do you want to be a tenant but still live in new and modern housing? Several options are available to you, for example, a high-quality rental apartment project in a quiet area and close to the Fouquet marsh and a complex consisting of 183 contemporary rental units with various services including an indoor pool, a community kitchen and a gym.