Breathe, You're in Candiac

Breathe, you're in Candiac

Residential developments with green roofs, larger parks and much more. So that you and the next generations can breathe clean fresh air.

An urban forest of 17,000 trees.

Parks That Are Larger and More of Them

The City of Candiac has 14 parks, including a huge cultural park on the banks of the St. Lawrence River.

It is also preparing to create four new parks, three of them by December 2019: the Parc de la nature de Strasbourg, a 2 km pedestrian path on the side of Rivière de la Tortue, the public spaces of Candiac Square and potentially the creation of a park at the Marais Fouquet.

Interesting detail: Did you know that our housing projects will offer larger parks than Québec standards require? While the Act respecting land use planning and development stipulates that a developer must allot 10% of the land under development for parks, new developments in Candiac will allocate 12.5% of land for parks!

What is more impressive is the fact that in 2011 a MAMOT study showed that out of 400 municipalities that were sampled, 48% required a contribution rate for park purposes of less than 8%, while 52% required 10%.

Almost as Many Trees as Residents

Candiac has no less than 17,000 mature trees on its municipal rights of way. Just look at a satellite map, like Google Maps, to see that Candiac’s slogan, My City Under the Trees, is true. A picture is worth a thousand words, click here.

Almost as Many Trees as Residents

A Place for Children

In Candiac, families are a collective value at the centre of all our strategies. Among other benefits, families can take advantage of an attractive discount for participating in leisure activities with our registration fee reimbursement policy. More than 200 cultural, sports and fitness activities are also offered by the city (79 different activities).

The City of Candiac has an arena, a library that was renovated in 2017, a modern social and cultural complex, a skate park, several sports facilities, such as beach volleyball courts and 22 soccer fields (including a FIFA certified synthetic field), an outdoor amphitheatre, 5 water games and a public swimming pool, ice rinks, 5 elementary schools and 9 daycare centres. In 2019, the city will even build a large covered and refrigerated ice rink in one of its parks.

Throughout the year, kids can enjoy a variety of fun events, such as movie nights and outdoor concerts, winter entertainment, a raffle, outdoor festivities, an aqua-party at the pool, youth theatre, reading sessions at the library and much more.

In summer, kids can choose from close to 20 thematic day camps that offer robotics, sports, film, art and even magic.

New Dynamic Sports Projects for a Healthy Lifestyle

The construction of a covered ice rink next year, the addition of a tennis court, a plan for cross-country ski trails, building a new aquatic complex: the City of Candiac is active in helping its community stay heathy.

Solar Roof Gardens

The first initiative of its kind in Québec, a housing development in Candiac offers buyers real solar gardens on their roof to promote urban agriculture and eco-friendly energy production. Exploiting spaces that are usually unused in an intelligent way fits perfectly with the city’s vision of sustainable development.

In partnership with La Shop Agricole and the City of Candiac, Solar Gardens is an initiative by real estate developer Groupe Xpansion for its residential project Pür Urbain Candiac, which is currently under construction and located in Square Candiac.

Candiac for an Enjoyable, Safe and Accessible Retirement

In total, more than 4,000 new and varied housing units will soon be available in the city under the trees. Townhouses, condominiums and residences will be available for retirees, so that everyone can find a home to get the most out of their retirement, with many being able to benefit from a rental formula.

With two retirement homes, you can choose to buy or rent from a selection of more than 600 units. Candiac is ready to welcome you.

Whether you choose to live in Carrefour Candiac or Square Candiac, you will be within walking distance of shops, restaurants, banks and other essential services. Combined with the leisure advantages suitable for seniors and a very safe environment, these are only a few reasons that Candiac is certified an Age-Friendly Municipality.

Candiac for an Enjoyable, Safe and Accessible Retirement