An Intelligent Environment

An Intelligent environement

It conserves its green spaces, has many parks, removes snow from its bike paths, provides access to waterways like the seaway, all while following the guidelines for sustainable development established by the United Nations.

Candiac plans, thinks big and innovates to offer its residents sustainable solutions.

Oasis islands to improve the living standards of Candiac residents.

It is proven that temperatures in areas that have no vegetation are significantly higher than those in areas covered in vegetation, a phenomenon that has a drastic impact on air quality and health. Candiac has more than 17,000 trees on municipal rights of way, which provides lower heat levels than adjacent municipalities. Living here is that much cooler!

In fact, an urban forest can lower the ambient temperature by 6 degrees and lower air conditioning costs by up to 10%. It also has a positive impact on occurrences of stress-related diseases, occurrences of asthma, occurrences of skin cancer and occurrences of hypertension.

Candiac’s urban forest is made up largely of mature trees, which can absorb up to 150 kilos of CO2 per year.

Living here is that much cooler!

Sources: EcoTree and Green Blue Urbain

Finding Inspiration to Innovate

Every year, the City of Candiac administration attends international congresses to get inspiration from the most innovative cities about issues like the environment, urban planning, development and sustainable transportation. Whether it is Germany, France, Malaysia or Spain, the City of Candiac has been inspired by the principles and ideas that are presented during these visits. These ideas become ambitions and tangible objectives, like those that inspired Candiac’s Strategic Development Plan for 2018-2033, which was created using the guidelines for sustainable development established by the United Nations.

Innovation for Sustainable Development

Through innovation and unprecedented practices, the municipality has positioned itself as a leader in this area. Whether it is the use of an ecological method to control the emerald ash borer, inspiring pilot projects such as the installation of urban agriculture and solar panels on the roofs of 140 new residences, systems for the bioretention of rainwater or snow removal of one-third of its bike paths, the city has taken major steps to ensure the well-being of future generations.

Here are some examples of the innovative and sustainable features of Square Candiac:

  • 100% of underground parking for residents
  • No parking spaces in front yards
  • 100% of underground parking designed for installation of charging stations for electric cars
  • Agricultural production and solar energy on the roofs of 148 residences
  • Area for parks greater than that provided for in conventional projects
  • Sidewalks on both sides of the street
  • Cycling links in the east-west and north-south axes
  • Public spaces totalling an area of ​​22,700 m2
  • Walking path to the Exo Montcalm-Candiac Bus Terminal
  • Pedestrian street based on the European Woonerf design
  • Vegetation draining knots on streets
  • Car sharing service coming soon
  • Form-based Code Regulation
  • Various types of housing
  • Ground floor with generous openings compatible with public space
  • Private recreational areas, terraces and balconies for all buildings
  • Indoor and outdoor bicycle storage for all buildings
  • Landscaping that promotes enjoyable oasis islands

Here are some sustainable urbanization attributes of the TOD Station:

  • Environmental Component: Bioretention and reuse of rainwater, intelligent street lighting, promotion of active transportation with a quality network for pedestrians and cycling, consideration of private and public spaces, public transportation with a suburban train, buses and a shuttle.
  • Green Infrastructure Component: White or green roofs required for all buildings, indoor parking lots with electrical terminals in residential sectors, use of renewable energies.
  • Social Component: A space reserved for a primary school, infrastructure focusing on universal accessibility, facilities designed for collective and recreational uses, food and entertainment services and animation around the central square.
Innovation for Sustainable Development

Climate Emergency, Biodiversity and Healthy Water Management

Candiac Becomes a Blue Community

In 2020, Candiac obtained a Blue Community certification. It is now committed to recognizing the human right to water and sanitation services, promoting public water management and gradually eliminating the sale of bottled water in its municipal buildings and during its events. Candiac is only the third Blue Community in Montérégie and the 26th in Québec.

A City Member of the Municipal Biodiversity Fund

The City of Candiac recently joined the Municipal Biodiversity Fund (Fonds MB), an initiative of the Société pour la nature et les parcs du Québec (SNAP Québec) and the Québec Wildlife Foundation. Candiac recognizes the important role it plays in the conservation, restoration and enhancement of natural environments on its territory. Through its membership, it is taking concrete action to fight against climate change and the loss of biodiversity. By joining the Fonds MB, each year for a period of 3 years Candiac is committed to paying the equivalent of $1 per household.

Monarch-Friendly City

In 2018, Candiac was the first municipality in Montérégie and the fifth city in Québec to receive the Monarch-Friendly City certification from the David Suzuki Foundation. This recognition confirms Candiac’s commitment to preserving the habitat of monarch butterflies through concrete actions.

https://candiac.ca/fr/144/Ville_amie_des_monarques (French only)

Candiac Adopts the Universal Declaration of Climate Emergency

Faced with the consequences of climate change and disruption on the planet, the City of Candiac adopted the Universal Declaration aimed at recognizing the climate emergency. Candiac is committed to implementing initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change. For example, Candiac plans to:

  • Develop an action plan to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its territory by 2022
  • Develop a sustainable development policy and climate change adaptation plan by 2022
  • Take into account the impacts of its activities on GHG emissions
  • Orient its policies and regulations to help reduce GHG emissions
  • Ask the governments of Canada and Québec to speed up the implementation of initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change
Climate Emergency, Biodiversity and Healthy Water Management

A Real Estate Project That Recycles More than 90% of Demolished Materials

Sometimes you need to demolish to build something better. But can we think out of the box? Recycle instead of throw away? In Candiac, we wanted to do things differently. Destroying an abandoned factory to make way for an oasis island is an improvement. Recycling more than 90% of the materials from the demolition, even going as far as reusing them in the new project, now that’s smart!

A Strategic Development Plan That Follows UN Guidelines for Sustainable Development

The City of Candiac’s 6 strategic projects of its strategic plan for 2018-2033 are inspired by some of the 17 sustainable development objectives established by the UN Member States. These guidelines are a global call to action and responsibility to collectively transform our world and make the right choices to sustainably improve standards for future generations. Implementation at the local and municipal levels are essential to achieving the guidelines established by the United Nations. It is the duty of the City of Candiac and its residents to take part in this movement and take action. After all, we all live in a global village and every gesture counts.

A Strategic Development Plan That Follows UN Guidelines for Sustainable Development